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Join Deep Learning Grid Network. We need your help.

While Deep Dream VM is running on your PC, you get fast pass of Deep Dream. (Your photo images from same network will be processed preferentially.) Your CPU resource will be used for Deep Dream web interface and other research purposes.

Install VirtualBox on your PC, Mac or Linux
Download and run DeepDream VM image. (3.81 GB)   Mirror1 Mirror2(Europe) Torrent
Leave login screen. If you see black login screen, it's working.

Total photos: 1,500,728
Processed photos: 1,500,616
Waiting photos: 112
Processing by 6 CPUs on 2 computers with 20 GB RAM.
Even you shutdown your VM, CPU counter remains up to 24 hours.

Step by step instruction

0, Install VirtualBox on your PC.

1, Extract zip file. (Don't double click vbox file before extraction.)

2, Double click DeapDreamVM.vbox

3, VirtualBox software opens.

4, (Optional) Change the number of CPUs for DeepDream Virtual Machine.

5, (Optional) Change the memory size for DeepDream Virtual Machine. 500MB + 1,500MBxCPU

6, Click "Start" button. VirtualBox logo appears.

7, Blank screen appears. Now DeepDream script is running. Leave this window without login.

8, When you want to stop Deep Dream Virtual Machine, click ACPI Shutdown.